Are you a strong marketer with a keen interest in growing an Edu-Tech platform? If you are interested in working alongside a thriving and dynamic team and meet the following qualifications, this opportunity is for you! 

What we do

Pacmann is an intensive and immersive data boot camp company in Indonesia that aims to spread knowledge and address the shortage of good talent in the industry. The story behind the boot camp comes from the difficulties faced while we were trying to hire new talent. No matter how much money we threw at the problem, we could not find people with the right skills. Then we figured we might as well train them ourselves.

We know the education system is broken. Many online courses have sprung up, but with so many options to choose from, there is a genuine lack of direction in the learning path, and perhaps most importantly, motivation to learn dies after a few weeks of effort. It’s simply a hard path to travel on your own.

To address all the above issues, we have designed bootcamp programs to provide our students with the essential training/materials needed to build a solid career in data analytics. Pacmann has opened three data-related schools: Sekolah Data, Sekolah Data Engineer, and Sekolah Bisnis. In delivering our programs and materials, we always pride ourselves on providing the highest scientific and clinical quality for our client partners and students. At our programs, students will be mentored by top-notch academic teams from leading universities, industries combined with the industrial-fit and in-depth curriculum.

Who we’re looking for

This vacancy is a full-time hybrid position for Senior Digital Marketing Associate based in Jakarta 


  • Identify the right and potential target audience for Pacmann through market research and studies, including industries and competitor analysis
  • Encourage a data-driven, results-focused culture by consistently monitoring growth progress, identifying trends and actionable insights to improve growth performance, and doing hands-on growth initiatives.
  • Optimize marketing budget spend and performance based on the insights
  • Handle end-to-end project management of digital marketing activities for website, paid marketing channels, and organic social media
  • Support and engage with the rest of the team in related areas including brainstorming, spacing, and overseeing prioritization of key business initiatives

Ideal Qualifications:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in marketing or a related field
  • Proven working experience in digital marketing
  • Demonstrable experience leading and managing SEO/SEM, marketing database, 
  • Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and plan digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate
  • Experience in optimizing landing pages, user funnels, A/B testing and multivariate experiments
  • Solid knowledge of website analytics tools and online advertising tools (i.e. Meta Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Adwords, etc)
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement
  • Preferably familiar with database management systems and data visualization software, like MySQL and Tableau, to help in data analysis
  • Minimum of 3 years of related working experience
  • Self and data driven,strong analytical skills, creative, cooperative, and can communicate well.
  • Based in Jabodetabek or willing to relocate

Why you should join us

  • We’re on a mission to change the trajectory of health for humanity. That starts by creating the world’s healthiest workforce. Through cutting-edge programs and policies, we empower the physical, mental, emotional, and financial health and the ones they love. 
  • You will have the opportunity to connect and learn with our academic lecturer, e.g., Master or Ph.D. degrees from reputable universities and practitioners from reputable industries.  
  • Our people in Pacmann embody these core values: Collaborative, Fun, Innovative, Goal Driven, and Open to Constructive Feedback.
  • Work from Anywhere.
  • You will have experience in working alongside a thriving and dynamic team.

What you can expect

  • Ability to work hybrid
  • Expected remuneration is around Rp 9.000.000 per month

Selection stages

  1. Complete your application form and preliminary test on this link before September 1st, 2023.
  2. 2-3 rounds of Interview
  3. On the Job Test (OJT)
  4. Offering!

Additional Information

  • Selected candidates are expected to join immediately, so submit and finish fast!
  • For inquiries, please email