Reading Comprehension

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What you will learn:

  • Being able to understand, analyze and respond to documents and written communication
  • Ability to capture the big picture of a paragraph
  • Ability to differentiate ideas that are explicitly stated in a passage from ideas that are implied by the author but that are not explicitly stated
  • Make a logical jump from the statements expressed in the passage to a conclusion that should be true if the statements in the passage are all true
  • Take the information given in the passage and apply it logically to a context outside of the passage
  • Analyze the structure of the passage and to determine what role specific components play in the whole
  • Understand expression of a passage and about the ideas in a passage that may be expressed through its diction

(Main Video) - Tips and Trik Menjawab Soal bacaan Bahasa Inggris

(Sumber: Youtube Channel Adev Berbagi Ilmu)


(Additional Video) - Cara Menjawab Soal TOEFL (Reading) | Bagian 1

(Sumber: Youtube Channel BenPinter)


(Additional Video) - Cara Menjawab Soal TOEFL (Reading) | Bagian 2

(Sumber: Youtube Channel BenPinter)



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