Are you familiar with Python? SQL? Machine learning? Data analysis? Do you want to be involved in our high impact projects?  If you are interested in working alongside a thriving and dynamic team and you meet the following qualifications, we are calling you!

What we do

Valiance AI is a data consulting company with a focus on business optimization using modeling Operation Research, Statistics, and Machine Learning. We work on projects that need extensive research spanning multiple areas such as NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning in General, and Statistics. We are looking for some exceptional fresh graduates who love challenges to join our team. You’ll be working in a fast-paced and dynamic team that loves to learn and have fun together!

Why you should join us

  • You will have the opportunity to get involved in our exciting projects that other companies are rarely working on, such as knowledge graphs, spatiotemporal models, and Bayesian models.
  • Our top-notch courses at Pacmann Academy are freely accessible for the entire Pacmann Group’s members (worth up to Rp 150.000.000).
  • Our people at Pacmann Group embody these core values: Collaborative, Fun, Innovative, Goal Driven, and Open to Constructive Feedback.
  • Remote working in your area (optional).
  • You will have experience in working alongside a Successful and Dynamic Team.

Whom we’re looking for


  • Learn various data engineering tasks and their implementation in the industry. Such as:
  1. Data Cleansing
  2. Data Migration
  3. ETL
  4. Web Scraping
  5. Data Versioning
  • Conduct research on the given problems.
  • Create reports on what you’ve learned, and develop learning content for other people to learn.
  • Get involved in some of our exciting projects:
  1. Get involved in our discussion and brainstorming sessions.
  2. Get involved in project management processes.
  3. Get involved in technical processes. 

The ideal qualifications:

  • One year of data or software engineering-related working experience is preferred.
  • Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply!
  • Educational background in computer science is preferred.
  • Basic understanding in :
    • Git operations. 
    • Programming in Python.
    • Bash Scripting
    • Relational Database
  • Experienced in Machine Learning, Backend, or Data Engineering is a plus.
  • Experienced in cloud computing is a plus.
  • You are a hard worker and a self-starter.
  • You are a good communicator and can get along with our teams.

What you can expect

  • Time commitment: 40 working hours per week.
  • Expected salary around Rp 6-7 Mio per month, based on your skills and performances.
  • Other benefits: Insurance, overtime fee, dll

Selection stages

  1. Please send your Resume.
  2. Finish the mini-assignment through this link: Apply here:
  3. Initial/HR interview
  4. User Interview with Valiance
  5. Final interview with CTO Pacmann Group
  6. Offering

Additional Information

  • Selected candidates are expected to join immediately, so submit and finish fast!
  • Note: To support the good cause of our world, we only hire those who are vaccinated, are already applying for the vaccination program, or planning to get vaccinated ASAP.
  • For any questions, please email